Play a game with zombies in it

D20 Ghouls is a convention and events-ready version of the Open Source game Humans Vs Zombies run by the D20 Girls Project, a non-profit organization of women from all over who love tabletop, video gaming, comics, anime, and other nerdy things. In the game, you start play as a Human, trying to survive the zombie apocalypse and complete missions to save humanity. As the game progresses, you'll earn achievements for your accomplishments during missions, become a zombie, and turn on your friends and allies to bring them to the horde. 

Can you survive your favorite convention? Join a game and find out.

How You Can Help

We are an entirely volunteer-run game and mainly funded out of the pocket of one person. If you’ve enjoyed playing with us, or want to help make our next game even more fantastic, please consider donating--anything you send us will go directly to getting mission supplies. You could also consider Volunteering to help out at our next game. Thank you!

Upcoming Games